When you want to reinvent your life, it's easy to believe the answer lies outside of you.

In the new job. The new city. The new opportunity. 

But getting the new life you want actually starts with what you believe you're capable of and who you believe you are.

Our coaching methodology combines the cognitive behavioral approach with aspects of positive psychology and neuroscience.

Because it's one thing to dream big. 

It's quite another to consistently channel the confidence, motivation and self-belief to stay with it even with it gets hard.

With this approach, you'll uncover hidden patterns of thought that have developed over your life and hold you back.

You'll become aware of them and then learn the mental self- command to redirect them.

So you head in the direction you want to go. 

There are three ways to work with us.

And the results will be truly career (and life) changing.

everything starts with what you believe is possible

The Podcast

So that's where we'll start

It's 100% customized to your goals, so you develop the confidence, self belief and commitment to make them happen.

We go deep and move at your pace.

Private coaching is perfect for corporate execs and business owners who want big transformation that lasts.

You decide the focus or if you'd prefer, we'll figure that out together.

This is the place for you if your dreams are big but your current belief is small or if you want to completely reinvent.

We'll help you get aligned with and moving towards those dreams. It's $2400 for a half year of coaching.

Private Coaching

It's the perfect combo of self-paced learning and community. We'll help you:

Build a Strong Self-Image
First we work on how you see yourself today vs. who you need to be in order to have the things you want. 

Develop An Empowered Mindset
The second layer is about cultivating a confident, empowered mindset. Each month we go deep on a specific topic. 

Take Purposeful Action Toward Your Goals
Self-belief isn't enough. It'll take confidence and committed action so you stay with it. 

Here, you'll go after and get all the things you're dreaming of, and you'll feel better everyday while you're doing it.

And at $49 a month, it's a third of the cost of your daily Latte habit!

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The place for mid-career professionals in search of more.

Each episode shares valuable mindset hacks to help you identify the limiting thought patterns holding you back. 

Plus, we sprinkle in some helpful advice, tips and tools to help you get ahead.

It's the perfect place to start your success mindset journey. And the perfect fuel for the work week ahead.

We publish a new episode every Sunday.

So follow the podcast and start your week with someone who's been there, who gets it and who's always in your corner, cheering you on. 


The Podcast