Am I right?

That's an energy drain and a confidence killer. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The right job is out there. And it's never been a better time to find the perfect one. 

Because nothing's more soul-crushing than Monday morning in a job you

the golden ticket to a job you love

let's do this!


being stuck

You've got one life. Don't waste another second of it being stuck.

let's get out there and make your dreams happen.

But you'll need a blue print. Because even in a hot job market, it's competitive out there.

You probably know what it's like to apply for job after job and never hear back. It can be soooo frustrating.

But I want you to know that it's not you. It's your approach.

We'll teach you proven strategies so you stand out in your search and your value literally jumps off the pages of your resume.

Yes! I'm in!

Optimize for the hardest scenario, which is applying online.

Highlight your big achievements in the most compelling way.

Position yourself so you're first in consideration.

Understand your true value.

a few simple changes will help you 

Most people put very little thought into their resume. And as a result, it can make you sound like everyone else.

You need an approach that shines a spotlight on your strengths and makes the value you bring, crystal clear.

You just need to know how to market yourself.

Landing that job is easier than you think.

Guess what?


Everyone kept telling me it was pointless to apply online. That I'd never heard back. But with Resume Bootcamp, I learned how to optimize my resume to make it through the online software screen. And I landed my dream job by applying online!

I landed my dream job by applying online!


My fiance' and I moved to a new city and after months went by without even a phone call, I started to lose confidence. Then I got Resume Bootcamp and I finally started getting calls and in less than two months, I had a job offer! 

I finally started getting calls!

More about Resume Bootcamp

YES! lets do this!

Tailor your resume to the individual jobs you're applying for.

Handle special circumstances like an employment gap, new grad or career change. 

To showcase your biggest accomplishments in a clear, compelling way.

To position yourself in a way that distinguishes you from others.

The ideal way to format so the important parts stand out.

How to optimize your resume for applying online.


The course combines everything I learned in my 25-year career in brand strategy as both a hiring manager and job applicant. And it couples that with my certification in resume writing. It all comes together in quick and easy course that'll help you build a resume that gets you noticed.

helps you showcase the very best of you.

The Course


After 25 years in Corporate America, I spend my days obsessed with helping ambitious people like you build a career and life they love.

I believe that life is too short to stay stuck. To not go for what you want because you aren't sure of the right strategy or approach. And most of all, to hold yourself back because you don't believe in yourself.

I created this course for people who are ready to find their ideal next step. And who want a proven approach to make that happen.

You can have the career you dream of. And Resume Bootcamp is the perfect start to that journey.

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