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Write a cover letter that lands you on the short list for an interview. In this mini course, you'll learn tips, tools and have a choice of plug and play templates you can quickly customize  and go.

Cover Letters That Sell

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Build a resume that showcases the very best of you in just a few hours. In this course, you'll also learn how to share your skills, experience and strengths in a way that stands out. Affordable yet high impact.

Resumes That Stand Out

The art of the job search is constantly evolving. Learn all the latest techniques here so you find and land that amazing new job.

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The Inside Track is a 24-page guide that teaches a step-by-step approach to conducting an informational interview. Learn the different types of interviews, the questions to ask in each and how to structure the session. Plus, get plug-and-play email templates for the invitation and thank you note. 

Networking That Works 

Helpful step by step advice.

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