Thinking about a career change? Check out Mid-Career Edit.  Launching mid 2023.

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We help mid-career professionals build the clarity & confidence to chart a 

new path

Mid-Career is also when it feels scarier to walk away from the known and step into the unknown. After all, you've got a life. Obligations. People counting on you.

So, we tell ourselves we're too old. It's too late. We have too much invested in our current path. 

I get it. I've been there. And that's why I started this business.

Pursuing a new dream takes clarity, confidence and self-belief. And you'll need a guide who can help you bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

And that's exactly what we do. Sound interesting?

Because that's when most of us start dreaming of something new

Why do I focus on mid-career?

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I'll help you discover what you want now - whether that's a new job, a new career path, maybe even a new business. And then build the confidence, self-belief and determination you'll need to make it happen.

My proven approach combines 25-years of corporate ladder climbing with certifications and course study in cognitive coaching, positive psychology and neuroscience. 

This method is powerful and it works. For everything. 

I help people recalibrate, reignite & rebuild

Hi! I'm Carla Hudson, Founder of The Purposeful Career

You'll transform from the inside out

Our process focuses on four career (and life) changing pillars.

1.  Get clear on what you want
  Evolve your self image to align with that  
3.  Build a confident, empowered mindset
4.  Take massive action towards your goal

These four things are guaranteed to get you from where you are today to where you want to go.

This journey starts within. I'll teach you how to use all that cognitive brain power to your greatest advantage. To propel you forward. 

This is important, life-changing stuff. And it'll not only change your career, it'll completely transform your life.

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Which translates to lasting change

Learn the secret to leading yourself like a boss.

Check out the empowered, I'm-ready-for-anything, let's-get-this-done mindset I help my clients build. It's the secret to living the life you're dreaming of. Let's go! 

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