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Are you a Midlife Woman that Feels a Little Stuck or Unfulfilled?

But we know it's not easy. After all, you've got a life.

So it feels kinda scary to let go of the things you know and step into the unknown. Even if you're totally over ALL of it.

It's easy to talk yourself out of your dreams.

We do this by telling ourselves we're too old. Or that it's too late to go after something new.

But we want you to know that's a lie.

It's just a story your brain is telling you to try to keep you safe.

It's never too late to go after something new.

But the truth is, doing something new will require you to first BE someone new. Because what brought you here, won't get you there.

For this, you'll want to start with changing your self-image because how you see yourself determines how you show up everyday.

And if what you want isn't aligned with how you see yourself, you'll want to bridge the gap.

That way, you start taking action that's consistent with the woman who already HAS the career and life you're dreaming of.

And when you do THAT, exciting things start to happen.

That's how you conquer big bold dreams. And how you make them last. 

Want a guide to help you get there? This is exactly what we do!

We hope you join us. Your future is waiting. And let this be the year you FINALLY go after it.

Is SOMETHING telling you it's time TO MAKE SOME CHANGES?


You're not alone. That idea sparks for a lot of us at 40 and beyond. And trust us, ignore that voice and it'll only get louder.


Dreaming big is important. It's what keeps the spark alive. 

Unfortunately, at midlife, most of us don't pursue them.

I think that's a travesty. That's why I started this business.

When you work with us, you'll finally get clear about what you want. 

Then you'll build the self-image, confidence, belief and commitment so you make it happen.

Our proven approach combines 30 years of corporate ladder-climbing along several stints at the helm of brands large and small, in need of reinvention. 

Brand Strategy and reinvention - at a corporate or personal level - is my thing. 

All of this plus certifications and study in cognitive-based coaching, positive psychology and neuroscience means that you'll have the proven formula, powerful tools and practical been-there-done-that wisdom you need to strategize and reinvent without fear and self-doubt holding you back.

So what do you think? Let's DO this!


I'm Carla Hudson, Founder of The Purposeful Career

Download the manifesto to discover the I'm-ready-for-anything, let's-get-this-done mindset my clients build. It's the foundation for the life (and career) you want.

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