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You know the one. It's that super nasty internal voice that trash talks, judges and tries to keep you playing small. We all have one. We just don't have to listen to it. And once you learn how to turn that voice off, you can start listening to your own.


The first step to having the career you want? Stop listening to your Inner Critic.

I'm Carla Hudson

My two plus decades in Corporate America taught me a lot. Most importantly, that the success you want doesn't come from going to the right schools, knowing the right people or having the right boss. 

The simple truth is, the success you crave comes from the only thing you have 100% control of, which is YOU. We create our success from the inside out. 

How? With something I call Inner Leadership, which combines a cognitive behavioral approach with the latest in neuroscience.

Inner Leadership helps you leverage your most powerful asset, your mind. So you build a high performance mindset that gives you:
- The clarity to know what you want
- The confidence and self-belief to go after it
- The commitment and determination to make it happen  

The best news of all? The career and life you want is 100% within your control. It doesn't matter who or what you think is standing in your way. We'll help you turn everything you dream of into reality. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

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A confidence mindset expert, success coach, podcast host and champion of making career dreams come true.  

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