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We help mid-career PROFESSIONALS chart a   

New Path

But it can feel scary to let go of the things you know (even if you're totally over them) and step into the unknown.

So we talk ourselves out of our dreams by telling ourselves we're too old or it's too late to go after something new.

That's 100% not true.

It's never too late to go after something new.

But doing something new will require you to first become someone new.

It's about first changing your self image (the way you see yourself) so the changes you make will last.

You'll want a guide who can help you get there.  

And this is exactly what we do.


dreaming of something new?

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So many of us do at mid-career


We'll help you get clear on what you want, important because most people aren't. 

And then build the new self-image, confidence, self-belief and commitment to make it happen.

Our proven approach combines 25 years of corporate-ladder-climbing with certifications and study in cognitive coaching, positive psychology and neuroscience. 

And that means you'll have the tools you need to reinvent without fear and self-doubt holding you back.

We make reinvention without fear, possible

I'm Carla Hudson, Founder of The Purposeful Career

we focus on transformation from the inside out

Our approach is about four career (and life) changing pillars. 

1.  You'll get clear on what you want
  Evolve your self-image (how you see yourself) so it's aligned  
3.  Build a confident, empowered mindset 
4.  Take massive, consistent action until you get it

Your journey starts within. You'll learn to use all that cognitive brain power to your greatest advantage. To propel you forward (instead of holding you back). 

This is important, life-changing stuff. And it'll not only supercharge your career, it'll completely transform your life.

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Which means the changes you make will last

Download the manifesto to discover the I'm-ready-for-anything, let's-get-this-done mindset my clients build. It's the foundation for the life (and career) you want.

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