Tired of a career that's less than you want?
We can help.

I'm Carla Hudson 

My 25 years of corporate ladder-climbing taught me that our career is where our ambition will do battle with our inner critic. And the more we achieve the bigger that battle will be.

We're not taught this. That's why so many of us struggle. We think the problem is coming from outside us. But it's not. It's about our self-image. How we talk to and think about ourselves, which in turn guides how we show up to others.

That's why I created Inner Leadership. It's mindset mastery for the driven professional.

By combining principles from the cognitive behavioral approach, positive psychology and neuroscience, Inner Leadership helps you build a confident self-image and the kind of clarity and mental self command to help you master any challenge. 

With a strong self-image, you'll finally conquer self-doubt, perfectionism, quitting on yourself, work life balance, money, fear, self sabotage, indecisiveness, procrastination and all the other (mostly) inner work demons we all wrestle with on occasion. It'll even help you defeat the work demons  outside your control like reorgs, layoffs, getting passed over, and political gamesmanship.

If you're tired of settling for less than you can be you can change it. And we can help.

Hey there!

A confidence mindset expert, career and business coach, podcast host and champion of turning impossible dreams into reality.


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