Ready for the clarity & self confidence to go after your dreams?

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To be more precise, it's your Inner Critic.
You know. That super nasty internal voice that trash talks, shames and keeps you playing small. 
We all have one.
You just need to learn how to hit the mute button on yours. Permanently.
And once you do, anything is possible. ready?


If you're like most of us, the only thing standing in your way is YOU.

I'm Carla, Life Coach & Founder of The Purposeful Career.

I know that Inner Critic well. It was my constant companion throughout my twenty-year career. 

I achieved my goals and surpassed many of them. But with every step up the ladder, that nasty Inner Critic got louder.

I believed in my ability to do the job and I did it well. But according to my Inner Critic, nothing was ever good or perfect enough.

And it made me miserable.

Then I found a solution that changed everything for me. It's an approach based on cognitive therapy, positive psychology and the latest in neuroscience.

I believed in it so much I got certified. Twice.

Now I'm a woman on a mission to show others how to drop the self-doubt and not enoughness for good so they can live in confidence, ease and possibility.

Let's do this.

Hey there!

It's actually a thing called Impostor Syndrome.

That's an issue because the uncertainty, self doubt and perfectionism it creates can hold us back.

We procrastinate. 

Resist delegating.

We don't have healthy work life balance.

And a host of other things.

Impostor Syndrome shows up in five ways. 

Take the short quiz to find out if your occasional self-doubt is actually Impostor Syndrome.

More than 70% of high achievers have a well-meaning but ever present & not very helpful Inner Critic.   

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Ready to finally turn those BIG dreams into reality? 

This video shares 3 secrets for building unstoppable self-confidence, so you go after and GET everything you dream of. And that's EXACTLY what YOU deserve. 

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