So what's brain science got to do with your career? 

Honestly? Pretty Much Everything.

If that sounds kinda out there, I get it. I thought so too at first.

But the truth is, how we feel everyday in our career - whether satisfied or miserable - starts with what we're thinking. And every goal we either go for or try to talk ourselves out of starts with what we believe our possibilities are.

Everything you want. Everything you dream of. It doesn't come from outside of you. It comes from inside. In your brain.

And you can't find the perfect job or start the perfect business and expect life to stay that way.

You have to FIRST understand what you want and then learn to BE the person who HAS that thing. So you can stay confident and strong and focused no matter what kinda crazy happens around you. 

We're not taught this.

Doesn't matter how fancy the school or the degree. We're taught that our career is about getting great at our functional area, going to the right school, building the right connections.

But it's not.

Sure, that might land you some good opportunities.

But what happens when life throws one of it's inevitable curve balls? 

When the boss you love leaves?

When you're buried in organizational politics?

When you go through three reorgs and two downsizings in one year?

What happens when your colleague undermines you in the meeting?

What happens when you fail to pursue your dreams and just stay where you are?

I can tell you what happens. You're miserable. Scared and miserable.

And when you're miserable, you'll either shrink down into that misery and lose yourself there or you start to chase opportunity, believing the solution lies in the greener pastures.

So you jump into that new gig only to find yourself having a different version of the same problem somewhere else. (I know this because I and many of my clients, have tried it.)

The truth is, the answer doesn't lie outside you. The answer lies WITHIN you.

YOU are the answer to what you want.

YOU are the answer to making that happen.

YOU are the answer to standing firm in the face of bad bosses, nasty politics, endless reorgs, client challenges and so much more.

And that's the great news. While you can't change all the things that are going to happen, you CAN change how you respond to them.

You can train your brain to weather any storm.  

It might sound a little out there right now. But it's actually incredibly profound.

And once you master it, it'll not only change your career. It'll completely transform your life.



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