So what's brain science got to do with your career? 

Honestly? Pretty much everything.

How we feel everyday - whether happy or miserable - starts with our thoughts.

And every goal we either go for or talk ourselves out of starts with what we believe is possible.

Getting what you want in life depends on how well you manage your mind.

You'll need clarity, confidence and unwavering self-belief. This is something YOU create.

Most of us believe it works the opposite. We don't think it comes from us. We believe our success depends on factors outside of us.

Like our network, our industry, our company, our boss. Maybe even luck.

And sure, if all those planets line up, it'll help you land some good opportunities.

But what happens when life throws one of it's inevitable curve balls?

When the boss you love leaves?

When you're buried in organizational politics?

When you go through three reorgs and two downsizings in one year?

When you take the dream job that turns into a disaster?

When your colleague or boss undermines you in the meeting?

When you ignore the inner voice that tells you to start the business?

I'll tell you what happens. You end up feeling trapped, tortured and miserable.

Then you'll either shrink down into that misery and lose yourself there or you'll start chasing opportunity, believing the answer lies in the greener pastures.

So you'll jump into new gig after new gig only to have a different version of the same problem somewhere else.

Here's the truth. The answer never lies outside you. The answer lies within you.

You are the answer to knowing what you want.

You are the answer to believing it's possible.

You are the answer to staying confident and committed no matter the challenge.

And that's amazing. Because while you can't control all the things that will happen to you, you can always control your response.

You can build the inner strength and mental self command to weather any storm.

And once you master this ability, it'll not only change your career, it'll completely transform your life. 

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We're on a mission to change the world, one career transformation at a time.

Because people are happiest when they believe that what they do matters.

To themselves. To their employer. To their clients. To their families.

Sure we want to make great money because that pays for our lives.

But our work is about more than a paycheck. It's about contribution and self-actualization. 

It's about not settling for an ordinary career when you want an extraordinary one.

We help people find the clarity, confidence and self-belief to make extraordinary happen.

That's what we're all about.

And we believe the ripple effect of that powerful self-belief can change the world. 

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