The truth is, I built the multi six figure corporate career of my dreams while battling a non-stop inner critic that stole the joy from my life.

I achieved my goals and surpassed many of them, but every success came at a price. 

I loved what I did but my inner talk track rarely let me enjoy it because - whether in my personal life or my career - it insisted that nothing I did was enough. 

It wasn't perfect enough.

It wasn't brilliant enough.

It wasn't good enough.

So therefore, that voice would whisper, neither was I.  

For a long time, self-doubt was my ever-present wingman.

Fall, football & my KC Chiefs!

My diva rescue kitties, Jiggy & Jewel 

Spending time with family and friends

Writing romantic comedy

9 hours of sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets 

My special Bulletproof coffee concoction

The beautiful beaches of Southern California 

HGTV & all things interior design

Movies & popcorn

Afternoon weight workouts

Weirdly obsessed with Ancient Alien shows on History Channel

A few of my favorite things...

It's never too late to do something new.

Learning is living.

Your thoughts drive your results.

Many of our circumstances are driven by the actions or decisions of others, but we have the ability to influence the outcome by directing our thoughts, feelings and actions so we get the result we want. It's a choice.

The judgments of others are always about them.

You never fail. You test & learn.

Your dreams were placed inside for a reason. Go after them.

Now is always the right time to start.

Anything is possible. 


What I believe...

Because somewhere along the line, I started to believe that negative internal voice. 

So I discounted my successes. 

And I beat myself up mercilessly for my failures, whether real or imagined.

Throw in a challenging situation here or a difficult person there and it only made things worse. 

Then I got exposed to an approach that I instinctively knew would change everything. And I went all in. And once I did, everything in my career and life changed for the better.

I learned to appreciate me, in all my work-in-progress imperfection.

I embraced my past successes and my failures, confident that all of it strengthened me. 

And prepared me for what is to come. 

Most importantly, I connected to what I truly want (vs. what I thought I should want) and I pursued it.

What I want you to know is that you don't have to let self doubt or over thinking rob you of the career you're dreaming of. You don't have to settle for less than you want or deserve.

You just need to stop listening to your Inner Critic so you can live your career and life on your terms. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? 

I can show you how.

You ready?



But it didn't feel like such a problem early on, because that negative internal talk track pushed me to work harder, learn more, do more, be better.  It energized me. Until it didn't.

Tell Me More!

The career you want comes down to 3 simple things. 

Things that YOU alone can control. And that's the good news. These are things you can start working on right now. These things changed everything for me. And they can do the same for you.