Do you love what you do for a living?

If you don't absolutely love your answer, we need to talk.

We don't like our job but don't believe we can do better.
We lose sight of what we really want so we settle for what we have.
We let others tells us we're not capable of more.
We believe we're too young or too old to go for our dreams.
We don't know what we want to do.
We don't know what we're good at.
We struggle with self-doubt.
We tend to overthink when we encounter challenges.
We find it hard to manage relationships or office politics.
We've lost confidence in ourselves.

Any of these sound familiar? Got a few of your own? We can help.


But there are so many ways we get stuck.

Life's too short to settle for a dead-end job or a mediocre career.


Here are the biggies.

How do I know this? Because I did it. Because my clients have done it. 

The secret to these fast results? Our approach.

We don't focus on the outward symptoms of your issue. We focus on helping YOU change YOU. And when you do that, EVERYTHING changes.

You see, no one tells us this but everything you want comes from the inside. You create it. The job, the title, the money, the partner, the ideal weight, the business. The whatever.

You create all of it by how you think. And how you think creates your feelings. And your feelings drive your actions and your actions ALWAYS deliver your results.   

You can create the career & life you're dreaming of. 

So why should you join next level? 

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The instant you join you'll get access to the information and tools you need to start making changes right now. 

Your first 30 days
We'll teach you The Self Coaching Model, which will help you solve any problem in your career and life. You'll also complete a personal inventory so you know where you're starting from. And, you'll create your goals for your next 12 months.

Monthly lessons & coaching
Each month, we'll study a specific topic to help you become your most powerful self. It's delivered via video lesson along with a workbook. This helps you not only understand it, but begin to apply it in real time.

Specialized content in The Vault
When you need to focus on something special, you'll find resources in The Vault. These amazing tools address a wide range of career and life topics, so you can access them whenever you want. 

Support & community
You'll join our private Facebook group where you can celebrate your successes, ask questions and get to know other like-minded members. And, you can get private advice 24 x 7 through Ask a Coach on Slack.

Here's what you get.

- JAh, New York

"This approach changed everything for me. After twenty years with the same company, I went from a person waiting for people to notice my value to someone who completely reinvented myself inside the same organization. Now I love what I do."   

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Next Level will help you get strong from the inside out. Clear, confident and committed.

For you no matter where you're at.

Just starting out? We've got you. Two decades in? We've got you.

Flexibility to address your unique needs. Beyond the monthly study, you'll have access to The Vault. In it, you'll have worksheets and mini courses on subjects like job searching, difficult relationships, conquering fear and self-doubt, building decisiveness, strengthening leadership skill and so much more.  

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