More than 70% of women (and a whole lot of men) struggle with feelings of self-doubt in their career & life.

We don't speak up, even when we know the answer.

We overwork to prove our worth.

We don't negotiate our salary or ask for promotions.

We play small even though we dream big.

We say no to opportunities we worked ourselves to death to get.

We self-sabotage or quit, even though our goal is within reach.

We dismiss ourselves, our goals and our achievements.

We delay starting that business we're dreaming of because we don't feel qualified.



That's a problem because when we feel this way, we do lots of things that don't serve us.

In short, we settle into careers and lives that are less than we deserve. Left unchecked, we sink into full blown misery. 

And when we're feeling miserable, what do we do? 

We distract ourselves with false pleasures or ways to numb, like overdrinking, overeating, overworking, overspending, Netflix-binging, chronic job changing, toxic relationships and so much more.

Anything to take the focus off what we really feel deep down inside. 

Well, I've got good news.

You ARE enough. You might not believe it yet, but it's true.

The endless anxiety in your career isn't about the company, the toxic culture, the boss or the endless politics.

And it's not what you fear most: that there's something deeply wrong with you.

No, the REAL issue is how you're thinking about yourself.

And the persistent negative thought patterns that have taken hold in your mind. 

We can help you change all of that.

And when you change that, everything-and I do mean EVERY LITTLE THING-changes for the better. 

Trust me when I say that no new job, dress, city, relationship, certificate or glass of Pinot will magically solve your problem when the real problem is that you believe you're not enough.

A transformative monthly lesson

Each month, you'll study a new concept and starting applying it in your life.

Powerful strategies & techniques

You'll learn powerful mindset techniques and other strategies so you get lasting growth & results.

Coaching and community

You'll enjoy Zoom classes, Q&A, a private Facebook and Slack channel and more.


Inside Next Level, we teach you how to free yourself from that never-ending negative internal talk track that's been stuck on replay for far too long. Just a few months in Next Level can change everything - your career, your brain, your life - for good.

How is that possible?

Because we don't focus on the symptoms of your problem. This is not about coping mechanisms or magical positive thinking. We do the inner work so we fix the real problem. Then, the symptoms go away. Our approach also addresses the whole person because your career affects your life and vice versa. 

This program combines everything I've learned in my 20+ year career, my coaching practice and a breakthrough methodology rooted in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It gives you the tools and skills you need to free yourself from doubt and insecurity so you can approach your career with confidence and ease. Permanently.


This program will completely change how you think and feel about yourself. Which means...

No more playing small.
No more people pleasing.
No more over-dramatizing feedback.
No more obsessing over whether the boss or colleagues like you
No more turning down big opportunities because you fear failure (you'll do it if and only if you CHOOSE to)
No more fantasizing about greener pastures because you'll learn to make the pasture you're in, green
No more feeling mentally exhausted all the time
No more beating yourself up because you think you're not [fill in the blank]  

Because you'll learn how to change the way you think and feel about yourself FOREVER.

You won't need anyone else - your mother, boss, kids, partner or friends - to agree. You'll learn to create that feeling of confidence inside yourself. And how to hang onto it.

Bye bye insecurity. Hello 

join us!

The virtual coaching program where you will get the clarity, self-confidence and unstoppable belief to go after - and GET - everything you want.

The challenges at work won't stop. But they'll stop bothering you.

Because you'll be armed with a secret weapon. And it's WAY better than Wonder Woman's magic lasso.

You'll learn to create self confidence and rid yourself of anxiety from the inside out. 

You'll finally realize that you ARE enough. And you'll believe it. Finally.

You'll discover how amazing it feels to be happy with you, your career or business, your life. And if things need adjusting, you'll do that too so your career is aligned with you, not the other way around.

You deserve to finally appreciate YOU. So do this for you.

I promise, you'll never look back.

change your career. change your life.
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The online coaching program and community that can change everything for you.

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