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It's how we're thinking about the things that happen to us. And what we're making them mean about ourselves and our possibilities.

Any of this sound familiar?
-  You make the comment at the meeting mean you're not smart.
-  You make the bad meeting with the boss mean you'll be fired.
-  You make the failure mean you can't do it.
-  You make the layoff mean you'll never find another good job.
-  You make not getting the job mean you're not good enough.
-  You make feeling uncomfortable mean you shouldn't try the new thing.
-  And so much more.


I thought that too. Then I learned the truth.

Most of us think our job, boss or a toxic culture is causing the problem.

It's not what's happening to us that's the problem. It's what's happening in us. Specifically, in our brain.

But here's the truth. Before you take action to fix what you think is wrong, you need to clean up the mental mess in your brain. 

Now...we're not saying that if you think rosy thoughts you'll magically love your job. What we are saying is that when you stop making everything that happens mean something bad about you, everything is better. And clearer. 

Inside our monthly membership, called Next Level, we teach Inner Leadership. 
And we teach you mindset techniques so you start thinking of your challenges in a new way. A way that serves you. A way that doesn't make you bad or wrong.

It'll help you...
-  Stop beating yourself up.
-  Stop overthinking
-  Get clear on what you really want vs. what you think you should want.
-  Channel the motivation and commitment to go after it.
-  Tackle change in a brave new way.
-  Try and master bold new things that today, you might be avoiding.
-  Learn how to better manage your emotional response to things.
-  Improve your relationships.
-  Set and stay goals that matter to you.
-  And so much more.

When you're clear about what's really going on, you can make the best, most empowering decisions about what to do next.

The instant you join you'll get access to the information and tools you need to start making changes right now. 

Your first 30 days
We'll teach you The Self Coaching Model, which will help you solve any problem in your career and life. You'll also complete a personal inventory so you know where you're starting from. And, you'll create your goals for your next 12 months.

Monthly lessons & coaching
Each month, we'll study a specific topic to help you become your most powerful self. It's delivered via video lesson along with a workbook. This helps you not only understand it, but begin to apply it in real time.

Specialized content in The Vault
You'll get courses and worksheets to help you with everything from job search to relationships and from confidence to productivity. Whatever you might be struggling with, you'll find tools that can help. 

Support & community
You'll join our private Facebook group where you can celebrate your successes, ask questions and get to know other like-minded members. And, you can get private advice 24 x 7 through Ask a Coach on Slack.

Inside Next Level, you'll get life-changing tools and learn to use them.

And all for just $49 a month! 

- Jill A., new york

"This approach changed everything for me. After twenty years with the same company, I went from a person waiting for people to notice my value to someone who completely reinvented myself inside the same organization. Now I love what I do."   

Just $49 a month! JOIN NOW!

Next Level will help you get strong from the inside out. Clear, confident and committed.

For you no matter where you're at.

Just starting out? We've got you. Two decades in? We've got you.

Flexibility to address your unique needs. Beyond the monthly study, you'll have access to The Vault. In it, you'll have worksheets and mini courses on subjects like job searching, difficult relationships, conquering fear and self-doubt, building decisiveness, strengthening leadership skill and so much more.  

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