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Because no matter how far down the path you are, it's never too late to go after and get everything you want.

The membership that's the perfect combo of self-paced learning, group coaching & 1:1 support.

have you stopped dreaming and started settling?

Don't do it. Because that's the road to a very unhappy life.

At mid career, it's easy to feel frustrated, anxious, worried and unsatisfied.

After all, life doesn't always go our way.

By mid career, we've all had our fair share of disappointments.

Even if one part of our career or life is working, many times another part is a bit of a hot mess.

And when that happens, it's easy to lose perspective.

To focus only on what's not working.

Or to over-index on what is working and lose balance.

This is how we end up stuck. Or unhappy. Or too overwhelmed to make changes we need to make.

You don't have to settle for that. You can have the life you want.

It's not too late. It's all still in front of you.



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After nearly 30 years of corporate ladder climbing, I can tell you with absolute certainty that how you see yourself matters.

It's the key to weathering any challenge, internal or external. 

When I discovered this a few years ago, it was a gamechanger.

While I'd achieved the success I wanted, the truth is, it definitely took a toll. Every step up the ladder came at a high price because my self-image hadn't kept pace with my upward climb.

That made my successes hard (because I didn't think I deserved them). And the failures even harder (because I thought I wasn't good enough).

And all that self-torture took a toll on my life.

But now I know the truth.

When you build a strong and constantly evolving self-image, everything in your career and life works better. I can show you how. 

You can have the big career & life, without the big struggle.

We'll start with your self-image  


Because that's the key to everything. It's the root cause. And the root fix.

Helps you drop the self-doubt, uncertainty and Imposter Syndrome...for good.

Teaches you how to bounce back from even the most challenging of circumstances, like a bad boss or a layoff.

Gives you the clarity to know EXACTLY what you want and the confidence to go after it.

Quiets the voice of your ever-present inner critic.

We can help you build a mindset that:

No matter where you're at in your career or life, no matter what the challenge, we'll help you recalibrate, reignite and rebuild. 

You can change your life, Starting now  

Believe it!

Eliminates the self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism and more.

Helps you become more organized, productive, focused and committed to the life you want.

You'll get access to the information and tools you need to start making changes right now. 

Your first 30 days
You'll learn our coaching method which will help you solve any problem in your career and life. You'll complete a self audit so you know where you're starting from. And, you'll consider and select your goal. 

Monthly lessons & coaching
Each month, we'll study a specific topic. It's delivered via video lesson along with a workbook. This helps you not only understand it, but begin to apply it in your daily life. And you can attend monthly coaching calls live or via replay so it fits with your schedule.

Specialized content in The Vault
You'll tap into valuable worksheets and resources to help you with everything from perfectionism and procrastination to confidence and productivity. Whatever you might be struggling with, you'll find tools that can help. 

Support & community
You'll get access to personal coaching via Ask a Coach. You can submit a question via a private link and get a personalized response in 24 hours. 

you'll get life-changing tools and learn to apply them

Flexible, self-paced, on-demand coaching & learning for just $49 a month! 

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Next Level helps you get clear, confident and focused, from the inside out. 

It's for you no matter where you're at.

Just starting out? We've got you. Two decades in? Let's go! It's never too early or too late.

Flexibility to address your unique needs.
Study on your time and in your way. You can attend calls live or watch on demand afterward. It's the best combination of flexible and focused. 

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

But you won't want to. In fact, we encourage you to commit for 12 months because transformation can happen instantly or in small meaningful shifts over time.  

Ready to go all in on yourself?

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