Tired of trying to talk yourself out of your dreams? 

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You're not alone.

By the time most of us get ten or twenty years in, we're 100% over it.

Something inside keeps telling you it's time for a change but most of us won't listen. 

That's because by the time we hit mid-career, we've got a life.

And it can feel like a super bad idea to take a flying leap into the unknown. After all, you've got obligations. People counting on you.

So it's easy to tell yourself you're too old. It's too late.

But don't believe those lies.

Mid-career is not the time to play it safe. It's time to listen to that inner voice.

To honor it by exploring what that new life could look like. To see what might be possible for you.

That's what Mid-Career Edit is all about. It's about transforming into who you truly want to be. 

We'll go on a six-month journey to explore what your future could be. And I believe, there's almost nothing more important than that.

So...are you coming?