The Five Interrelated Parts of Any Problem

January 4, 2021

This episode introduces the five interrelated parts of any problem. This visual tool helps you sort facts of what’s happening from your thoughts about it. So you see problems clearly and solve problems quickly .

Most of the problems we have aren’t caused by the things that happen. But by our responses to them. This is about how our brain works. You see, our brain automatically stores programmed patterns of thought without our knowledge. It just happens. So when we encounter a situation later, our brain will serve up an automatic response  based on those old programmed patterns of thought. 

This isn’t ideal. Because it means we’re not making clear intentional decisions. We’re just responding to things unconsciously. And that probably won’t get us where we want to go.

So on this podcast, we teach a variety of mindset-based tools and techniques to help with things like confidence, procrastination, self doubt, achievement, relationships, perfectionism, leadership, motivation, goals and so much more. 

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5 interrelated parts of any problem | The Purposeful Career