Choosing vs. Accepting Your Self Concept

January 24, 2021

In this episode, we talk about one of my favorite things, which is how we see ourselves. 

Specifically, we discuss the importance of proactive choosing your self concept vs. just accepting how others view you.

And, how to go about doing that. 

Have you ever really spent time thinking about how you think about yourself. Your self-concept?

So many of us don’t. Yet it’s SO important when it comes to getting everything you want from your career and life.   

Personally, I think that’s why we’re all on this never-ending quest for what’s next. 

Why so few of us relish where we are or appreciate WHO we are in the moment – no matter the job we have, the partner we have, the things we have. 

And why, no matter what we achieve or get, for too many of us, it’s never enough. Or never quite right.

If you can relate to this even a little, this episode is for you. 

Because we’re going to explore why most of us accept the self-concept that is either assigned by others or shaped automatically by our brain as a response to what happens to us.  

AND, we’re going to talk about self-concept as something that you can choose and how and why you should do that. 

I call it the Self Blueprint. And here’s how to think about this concept.

Most of us think about ourselves in the context of where we are in the moment. In our life. In our career. 

So, if things are going well, we tend to feel good – or at least more positive – about ourselves and our prospects. 

But if circumstances are more challenging, most times we feel less positive or optimist about who we are and what is possible for us.

And this is the challenge when our self-concept is shaped by factors outside of vs. one that we choose and believe because we know who we are NO. MATTER. WHAT.

We don’t have to look outside ourselves to define who we are. We can proactively shape it through this Self Blueprint technique.

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