Loving Change

March 13, 2021

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This week, I’ve been thinking about our careers and how we adapt to the unexpected things that happen to us.

Because the pace of change is only increasing and for the most part, learning to adapt to it is a journey we take on our own.

You know how it works.

Things are going along great. Everything’s clicking.

We like our job.

We’ve got our fun work colleagues.

We love our boss. The company. Our benefits.

And then boom.

Out of the blue, something happens and suddenly, everything changes.

Maybe our boss leaves. Or we get re-orged. Or laid off.

Suddenly, what was great is now uncertain.

We can feel out of control.

Or victimized. Or angry. Or scared.

And for the most part, navigating through that change is something we must do on our own.

Sure, some bosses may try to help. You might have some supportive colleagues or friends or a spouse who will lend an ear.

But coming to grips with change that you didn’t want or expect is up to you.

And I can show you how to work your way through it faster. So you go from dreading change to actually…love it.

So, let’s dive in.

As someone who’s long managed people in my career, I can recall other leaders talking about their employees and saying things like “so and so is just not that flexible” or “so and so is such a no person.”

I’ve never felt that way. Because early on in my career, I got exposed to a management consultant view of the philosophy behind how people process through change.

And it’s always fascinated me and once I understood it, I made the decision to always embrace it. I might not like it. I might initially feel the stab of uncertainty or panic if I sense it might impact me in a way I wasn’t expecting.

But my expectation of myself is that I am always proactive in exploring the possibility that change presents.

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Loving Change | The Purposeful Career

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