When There’s Not Enough Time

December 18, 2021

Ever wonder what to do when you think there’s not enough time or you feel pressed for time?

It happens to all of us. We’re all super busy in today’s world and we all have stories we tell ourselves about time. And with December nearly upon us, I thought the topic of time was relevant since we’re just a month away from high season on goal setting.

January is the time of year – at least for most of us – when we set goals. And as part of that, we frequently assign a time limit to that goal, meaning we want to achieve it in a certain amount of time.

But here’s the thing about time. In today’s busy, high tech world, most of us feel pressed for time. At least occasionally. And we feel like we have to make difficult tradeoffs on the things we spend our time on.

In this episode, we talk about time. The stories we tell ourselves. The hidden inner beliefs we all hold about time – many of which are not serving us. And the things we can do to get clear about how we spend our time. How we think about time. And how to change your inner narrative so you no longer feel pressed for time.

I think you’ll enjoy this one. So please give it a listen.

Time management and your career | The Purposeful Career

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