Five Steps to Knowing and Getting What You Want

January 23, 2022

In this episode, we share five steps to knowing and getting what you want. It sounds so easy, but the truth is, most of us struggle with this.

In fact, when we first start working together, most of my coaching clients struggle with knowing what they want. And how often have you heard family, friends (or maybe even yourself) say something like “Well I know what I don’t want but I have no idea what I do want.”

Not knowing what you want is so common.

But here’s the thing, deep inside we do all know what we really want. There’s usually just too much noise and outside voices getting in our way, so we lose touch with that part of ourselves.

This episode walks you through five easy steps to reconnecting to that inner wisdom. To knowing what you want. And by doing the exercise, you’ll be closer to not only knowing what you want but getting it too.

Ready to stop saying “I don’t know?” Give the episode a listen.

Five Steps to Knowing and Getting What You Want | The Purposeful Career

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