Managing Disappointment

October 27, 2021

Episode 27 – Download the Transcript

In this episode, we’re talking Managing Disappointment.

Because there’s always something to learn when we strive for new goals. By going through the inevitable ups and downs on the way to our goal.

But there’s something equally valuable to learn when we don’t achieve the goal.

Do we manage disappointment with resilience and grit? Or stay stuck in the disappointment?

We know that life doesn’t always go according to plan. This we know.

But more than not getting the goal, it’s really how we handle the disappointment that determines the quality of our life and our career. Whether we keep moving forward, show up as our best, maintain the good attitude, keep our drive and motivation. Or, whether we just give up.

We all know somebody stuck in disappointment. They wanted that goal (very much). It didn’t happen. And now, it’s all they talk about, blaming the disappointment on their boss, colleague or partner.

It’s sad, right? Maybe it’s even happened to you. I know at times, I’ve been stuck in disappointment.

It’s so easy to wallow in the disappointment. To get mired down in the ruminating, the anger, the blame and the victimhood. 

But the truth is it’s a waste of energy and frankly, our time on this planet. 

So let’s dive into this topic of Managing Disappointment.

Because when we learn how to do this well, when we learn how to effectively manage through things when they don’t go our way, it frees us up to keep moving forward.

For more, give the episode a listen!

Managing Disappointment | The Purposeful Career

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