How to Stop the Self Sabotage

November 23, 2021

In this episode, we’re talking about how to stop the self-sabotage. We discuss how it shows up and why we engage in it even though we know it’s hurting us. And, I share some tools that will help you stop doing it. Self Sabotage is defined as an act or process intended to hamper or hurt ourselves.

But it’s important to know that self-sabotage is not always a conscious choice. Many times we sabotage ourselves and we’re not even aware of it until after the fact.

Some commons ways we self-sabotage are:





Over-Social Mediaing

Not Showing Up or Showing up Late



Basically, self-sabotage is an action or a behavior that we engage in – whether consciously or unconsciously – because we’re trying to avoid feeling an emotion that we don’t want to feel. It might be fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, not enoughness or some other negative emotion that we want to avoid having to feel.

So we indulge ourselves in a behavior that helps us to either delay having to feel that emotion or avoid it altogether.

Sound familiar? If so, give the episode a listen.

How to Stop the Self Sabotage

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