Four Ways Staying Stuck is Soothing You (#1 of 5)

March 28, 2021

Episode 13 Transcript

In this episode, we explore how we get stuck.

Specifically, we look at the Four Ways Staying Stuck Is Soothing You.

Notice I didn’t say “serving you”. I said SOOTHING YOU.

Because being stuck never serves us.

But you might be really surprised to learn ALL the ways it might actually be making you FEEL better.

This episode is going to give you a different perspective of stuckness.

Usually, when someone discusses the topic, they share tips on how to get UNSTUCK.

And we’ll get there because all through April we’re going to dive deep into the subject to look at all the ways we stay stuck and what to do about it.

But first, I want to explore the topic from the perspective of the fact that being stuck actually CAN make us feel better, or soothe us, from an emotional perspective. Even though it never serves us in reality.

But staying stuck CAN make us feel better.

And today, we’re going to look at all the way that happens.

So, let’s dive in. This is going to be an interesting topic.

Let’s start by looking at people who AREN’T stuck.

Meaning those who are putting themselves out there, pursuing the things they want and go for it.

What’s their secret?

At the heart of it, it’s about them not allowing fear – in all its various forms – stand in their way.

People who don’t get stuck have mastered the ability to TRUST THEIR DESIRES and to work through any negative emotions – LIKE FEAR – that might come up for them.

They don’t let FEAR stand in their way.

They trust themselves and their ability to go after and GET that new thing.

On the other hand, those who stay stuck do that because their fear of change is stronger than their desire to have that new thing.

They might dream of something new.

But as they consider what it will take to go after it, they find themselves facing the various ways that fear can come up for us.

And so, they resist the fear by choosing to stay stuck instead of putting themselves out there and facing it.

They SOOTHE themselves by NOT pursuing that new dream.

Because even though NOT pursuing the dream can feel disappointing or frustrating, those emotions are still preferred by some over the fears they’ll need to face if they pursue it.

Here are the four reasons we choose to stay stuck:

1. Fear of the unknown
2. Fear of being judged or what “they” will think
3. Fear of failure
4. Fear of success

Give this episode a listen to learn how one of these ways might be showing up for you.

This is the start of a new four part series on how to get unstuck, using the latest in cognitive behavior and neuroscience.

Join us. And see just how much you can accomplish when you let yourself go after it.

Four Ways Staying Stuck is Soothing You

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