How to Leave the Comfort Zone (#2 of 2)

December 19, 2021

In this episode, we explore how to leave the comfort zone as you pursue your personal development goals.

Specifically we look at how we need to face our fear, uncertainty and self doubt so we move through the fear zone to get to learning and growth. We look at why most people stay in the comfort zone but how that is detrimental to your long term goals.

The truth is, leaving the comfort zone takes courage. And an understanding that it’ll take even more courage to stay in the fear zone. Because that’s where all the messy emotions around fear and self doubt and our Inner Critic come up.

I provide six perspectives on how to reframe the fear zone so you put it into perspective. And are able to channel the courage and tenacity to work through those fear-based emotions as you pursue your goals. These perspectives will make all the difference between staying with the pursuit of your goal vs. quitting.

Give the episode a listen.

How to Leave the Comfort Zone | The Purposeful Career

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