The Top Five Lessons I Learned from My First Year of Podcasting

December 24, 2021


In this episode, I share the top five lessons I learned from my first year of podcasting. What I learned by sticking with it and honoring the promise I made to myself on January 1st. Because that’s the thing about goals. When we stay with them, when we follow through and do the things we say we will do, we get so much more than the achievement of the goal. We get to become someone new and next level. Someone who follows through and does the things they say they will do.

The top five lessons I learned from my first year of podcasting are:

  1. The more you honor your promises, the more you will honor your promises
  2. Self-judgment is always worse than the judgement of others
  3. If you stop telling yourself it’s hard and just do it, suddenly, it’s not hard
  4. It’s perfectly okay to do things imperfectly
  5. Trust yourself (and like #1, the more you trust yourself the more you will trust yourself)

Bottom line, if you want something enough to create a goal around it, believe that it matters. That’s it’s important to your journey and therefore, it’s worth your commitment and your time. You’ll be so glad you did.

Top Five Lessons From First Year of Podcasting | The Purposeful Career

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