Learning the Lessons from 2021

January 2, 2022

Everything we experience can teach us something important so in this episode, we talk about learning the lessons from 2021.

It’s important to know that this isn’t about looking back with regret or disappointment or any kind of judgment. Rather, it’s about first finding and then learning the lessons from each experience we have.

This helps us move forward with purpose. With wisdom. With confidence.

And that means, we make progress even faster.

But first it’s about finding the lessons. And that takes a bit of work.

Because our brain likes to instantly categorize things. It likes to place experiences into neat little buckets and label them as either good or bad.

But the truth is, everything we go through has something to teach us. Even the things we might think of as an abysmal failure or heartbreaking disappointment or a deep seated regret.

The value of the thing is not in whether or not it turned out the way we wanted. The value is in having experienced it. And then, finding and learnings the lessons.

It takes effort to go deeper. To see beyond a simple label of good or bad. It requires us to really consider all of it. The new skills we acquired. And how we learned even more about who we are, what we value and where we want to go from here.

So, as you prepare for another year, before you dive into going after those big new dreams, take some time to first find and then learn the lessons from everything you experienced this past year. And then, take that hard won wisdom with you and put it to use, every single day.

Learning the Lessons from 2021 | The Purposeful Career

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