One Big Crazy Goal

January 2, 2022

When you’re setting goals for this year, don’t settle for playing it safe. Choose at least one big crazy goal and see where it takes you.

A few years ago, my thinking around goals changed.

In the past, I mostly based my annual goals on where I was in that moment. And they were mostly about fixing or next leveling something about myself or my life that I wasn’t happy with.

Can you relate?

On the one hand, that makes sense because it’s kind of like giving yourself an annual tune-up. And there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

But here’s the thing. If that’s all you do when it comes to your goals, that’s limiting. Because it means that you’re limiting the things you’re pursuing to where you are today. On results you already have that you now want to tweak in some way.

That’s why I say that type of tweaking goal is limiting. Because it’s only focused on where your life is right now. And that means that your future self will only be a slightly improved version of where you are today.

And while that might sound okay, the downside is that everything that isn’t in your life right now – anything new or transformative – is off the table.

Since this is the start of a brand new year, I think it’s worth asking yourself an important question before you set your goals. And that is:

Why settle for a tweak when you can transform?

We don’t have to limit ourselves to just evolving from where we are today. Instead, we can choose to completely reinvent. Maybe not everything about our life. But certainly some aspects of our life.

We don’t have to limit ourselves to setting goals that seem realistic. Why not choose something that’s not just a level or two up. But maybe something that’s in a completely new area. Something so crazy and outside the box that it takes you awhile to really believe it could be possible for you.

When we aim for the stars, we might not get all the way there but we are pretty much guaranteed a heavenly view.

One Big Crazy Goal | The Purposeful Career
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